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Hahana Hot Stone Massage


image009Hahana Hot Stone Massage Gold Coast

The Hahana Difference. Taking its name from the Hawaiian word for ‘heat/hot’, Hahana Stone Massage Hot stone or hot rock massage is a speciality massage utilising various Lomi-Lomi techniques where the therapist uses smooth, heated basalt stones as an extension of their hands as well as placing the hot stones on the body. The heat can be deeply relaxing and help to warm and release tight muscles allowing the therapist to work the muscles without applying deep pressure.

Benefits of Thai Sport Massage include:
• Soothes and revives the senses
• Conditions and hydrates the skin
• Eases mental stress and muscular tension
• Releases toxins and promotes well-being
• Relief from muscle tension
• Relaxation of muscles and improved flexibility
• Relief from general muscular aches and pains